Still and Aerial Videography Specialists in Iowa

Our team offers unparalleled expertise in capturing high-quality images and breathtaking aerial footage that can transform the way you view your projects and events. Using advanced equipment and innovative techniques, we ensure that every shot is perfect and every video tells a story. Trust us to bring your ideas to life with clarity, color, and stunning perspectives.

Teleprompter Operator

We provide professional teleprompter operators who ensure that every word of your script is delivered flawlessly. Our operators are adept at setting up and running teleprompters for live broadcasts, speeches, and presentations, helping speakers maintain eye contact with their audience while delivering their message smoothly.

Drone Operator

Our drone pilot is a licensed and experienced professional, skilled in capturing high-quality aerial footage. Equipped with the latest drone technology, we adhere to all safety and regulatory requirements to provide breathtaking aerial shots for film, television, and commercial projects, enhancing production value with spectacular views from above.


Our cinematographers, or directors of photography, are the artistic heads of the camera crew, responsible for making all visual decisions on set. They determine the right cameras, lenses, and lighting conditions to perfectly capture the director’s vision, bringing technical expertise and creative flair to each project.

1st AC (First Assistant Camera)

Our 1st ACs are skilled in managing the camera’s focus, a critical role often referred to as focus pulling. They work closely with the cinematographer to execute precise focus changes during filming, maintaining sharpness in dynamic shooting conditions to ensure high-quality imagery in every take.

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