Production Support Services Is Located In The Heart Of The Midwest

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Being located in the center of the United States has a lot of advantages for travel. When you need top-quality crew and gear we can cover a sizable driving area. And when driving equipment to your project isn’t cost effective our crews are more than happy to fly. When you need a top-quality crew and equipment for your next production, find out what we can do to help. The team at Production Support Services has more than 30 years of experience in the film and video industry and we can help you get the gear and crew you need to complete your project on time and with the highest quality possible. Reach out today to discuss your needs.


Our crew is made up of talented, knowledgable professionals with years of experience. Looking for a Director of Photography, Camera Assistant, Gaffer, Key Grip, Grip, Sound Mixer, Prompter Operator or Production Assistant? Give us a call, we can help coordinate all the pieces from crew to gear.  Let us be your goto partner for your next endeavor.


Our gaffer services provide expert lighting management on set, handling everything from the design to the implementation of the lighting plan. Our experienced gaffers work in sync with the cinematographer to create the desired ambiance and ensure optimal visual quality, using cutting-edge technology and creative techniques.

Key Grip

Key grips in our team are responsible for camera movement and lighting refinement. They manage all grip crews to rig and operate dollies, cranes, and other equipment that supports or modifies the camera setup. Our key grips collaborate closely with the cinematography and lighting departments to ensure smooth execution and safety on set.


Our cinematographers, or directors of photography, are the artistic heads of the camera crew, responsible for making all visual decisions on set. They determine the right cameras, lenses, and lighting conditions to perfectly capture the director’s vision, bringing technical expertise and creative flair to each project.

Camera Assistant

The camera assistants in our company are crucial support staff within the camera department. They are tasked with setting up and maintaining all camera equipment, assisting with lens changes and focus adjustments, and ensuring all gear is functional and ready for action, thereby supporting seamless shooting workflows.

Still and Aerial Videography Services