Video Production Trends to Follow to Stay Relevant

How to Stay Popular in the Video Production World     

Staying popular in the video production world isn’t as simple as it used to be. Constant advances in technology have made it a bit challenging to stand out, as almost everyone is embracing the latest tech. Those who still stick to the old ways find it even tougher to dive out of the vast sea of competition.

Embracing new technology is precisely what you need to do to stand out. Video has been dominating for the past couple of years, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Therefore, it’s only logical that you keep up with the latest video production trends to set the stage for success.

Here are the most important steps you need to take to stay relevant in the video production world.

Adopt VR

Virtual reality opens up a whole new world of possibilities. It enables businesses to present their brands excitingly and innovatively and engage customers like never before.

With VR, you can communicate with customers in a creative and revolutionary way. You can create interactive experiences for literally any industry.

Medical schools and other educational institutions, the military, the gaming industry, eCommerce, and real estate are just a few examples where VR videos can make a huge difference. Whatever your target audience is, you can effectively engage them in your brand with VR.

VR is still a bit expensive, so not everyone can afford it, but investing in it is more than worth it. And precisely the fact that there are not so many players in the field can give you the upper hand.

Embrace 4K

HD videos with the resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels are still very much the standard in the video production world. However, Ultra HD or 4K is quickly becoming the new standard that is taking the world by storm.

With the resolution of around 4000 pixels, 4K videos have incredibly more detail and depth. It allows you to capture the finest details due to that pixel density. It also allows you to shoot videos with much better color depth.

You can also better manipulate every single frame and deliver significantly better results when it comes to motion tracking and rotoscoping.

What’s great about 4K is that it isn’t only available on computers and TVs. More and more smartphones have 4K compatibility these days, so mobile users can seamlessly watch your 4K videos.

Create Vertical Videos

Speaking of smartphones, did you know that over half of global video content is viewed on mobile? A great percentage of that video content is shot in a vertical format.

The popularity of Instagram and Snapchat has further increased the use of the vertical format. Millions of vertical videos are uploaded to those platforms daily. This is precisely why you should embrace vertical videos, as well.

You will be able to engage audiences that prefer vertical videos. You can even create long-form vertical videos for the IGTV platform, where you can further drive engagement and growth.

Get Creative with Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs are also increasingly becoming popular. By merging photography and film, they enable you to tell a visual story interestingly.

They’re like animated GIFs, and you must know people love GIFs. Now, most people create cinemagraphs from a set of still photographs to form a video with minor repeated movements. However, you can also edit a video to create a visually-striking cinemagraph that plays in a seamless loop.

These animations are perfect for websites, digital ads, email newsletters, digital displays, and social media promotion.

Harness the Power of Drones

Drones can help you capture breathtaking aerial videos. You can shoot aerial videos for hours and create truly mesmerizing content. A bird’s eye view enables you to capture details that you wouldn’t be able to from the ground.

A considerable number of video production professionals in almost every industry are increasingly using drones for aerial photography and videography. If you want to stay relevant, you should jump on the bandwagon.

Craft Long-Form Content

Long-form videos allow you to connect with your audience. Despite the ever-decreasing attention span, long-form videos are still capable of grabbing people’s attention.

The length of your videos depends highly on their distribution platform. Nevertheless, if you create long-form videos for the right platform, you will benefit a lot.

Your storytelling will build trust and help you generate qualified leads. Those who watch your longer videos all the way through are certain to convert.

Longer videos will boost your SEO, but be sure to enhance it further by optimizing them for SEO. Adding meta titles, descriptions, tags, and subtitles will help Google and other search engines rank you higher in SERPs.

Outsource Video Editing Services

There are several reasons why you should outsource video editing services. The most obvious one is cost-efficiency. Another important reason is saving time.

However, what may be more essential is getting unparalleled quality of work. If you are a real pro in video editing, then do it yourself, by all means. But if you’re not very savvy in that particular field, you should find experts who are.

Find someone experienced who will know exactly how to reach your target audience and satisfy their needs. You will save plenty of time, money, and effort while getting valuable results.

Even if you know your way around video editing, it certainly won’t hurt to gain valuable creative inputs from someone else in the field. You can work closely together and come up with groundbreaking solutions that supercharge your popularity in the video production world.

These are all the latest video production trends that will dominate not only 2020, but also many years to come. The sooner you start following them, the sooner you’ll be able to play with the big guns.

Video content will only keep growing, so stay in the loop, get your creative juices flowing, and become the master of video production.

Close-up of a hand using an audio mixing console

Production Sound Mixing Checklist

Media production is no easy task. It takes a careful balance of many elements to get the perfect take, even if you use a professional sound mixer in Polk County, IA. That does not mean it is all down to luck, however. Whether you are an experienced producer or trying to find your feet in the field, these quick tips give you an instant boost in control and quality:

Scout Locations: You cannot control every element of your shooting environment, but you can certainly minimize interference. Before your official filming date, visit the place you intend to take your footage and get an accurate assessment of all the technical factors involved. This allows you to compensate for challenges proactively.

Assemble the Right Team: Good audio comes from good production practices, and that means working with professionals you can trust. Make sure you have enough hands on deck to comfortably manage the requirements for your shoot.

Eliminate Ambient Noise: Locating and shutting off appliances or other sources of background noise is essential to a quality recording. Even if the device is only noisy some of the time, it is best to avoid ruining a take because something thrums to life midway through a critical line of dialogue.

Want to get the best results when working with a sound mixer in Polk County, IA? Reach out to Production Support Services, Inc. today at (515) 965-3761.

Professional photography lighting

How Lighting Can Make or Break a Photograph

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any project and has the potential to make or break a shot. Depending on how you use it, lighting can have positive or negative effects. Cinematographers who may lack their own equipment sometimes find it helpful to invest in lighting rentals in Iowa.

Production Support Services, Inc. offers a number of technology products in this area. They can provide everything from a single fixture to a full package with equipment spanning tungsten, HMI, fluorescent, and LED lighting. These lighting rentals can help you create the mood that you want in your commercial photography in Polk County, IA.

The Power of Lighting

There is almost no limit to what light–or lack of it–can do for an image or video. With the right equipment and expertise, you can use it to draw our focus to a certain part of the photo or video. Other options include lightening or darkening the mood, showing contrast, and much more. Once you start experimenting with it, you are sure to find all kinds of ways to make lighting work for you.

Learn how to get the effect you desire with the most high-quality lighting rentals in Iowa. Proper lighting makes all the difference in a photo, so get the equipment you need from Production Support Services, Inc. today.

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Getting a shot just right can be a tricky task. However, the proper equipment can make it easier. That is what companies like Production Support Services, Inc. aim to do with their rental equipment and skilled crew members. They are a local company based in the Midwest with more than 30 years of experience in the industry under their belt. As a result, many filmmakers go to them for full production support on their audio/video and media projects.

This blog aims to offer information on both the business and how to make the most of your videos and still photography in Polk County, IA. There’s so much to learn about the arts and sciences involved in these areas; you will want to check back regularly for updates. Some topics may include what certain equipment can do for you and how you can use them in your project to create the effect or mood you are looking for. The technology in questions spans a wide range and covers rentals such as:

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Hone your skills by investing in the right equipment. A production is only as good as its support!