Video Lighting Rental in Polk County, IA

Spotlight with directional light, Fresnel lens, halogen lamp, and protective shutters

Production Support Services, Inc. provides a wide variety of production support services in Polk County, IA, including lighting equipment. Our lighting includes tungsten, HMI, fluorescent, and LED for your ultimate convenience. We are dedicated to offering high-quality equipment to Midwestern companies in need of multi-media services.

No matter what type of video lighting rental in Polk County, IA, you need, reach out to us for a quote. Whether your project requires a single fixture or a complete package, we have you covered. Lighting is an incredibly valuable asset to any production, and our rentals will ensure you get the perfect shot every time.

If you do not see something you need, let us know. If we do not have it, our film crew in Polk County, IA, will try to find it for you. Call our team today at (515) 965-3761 to learn more about all of our available lighting equipment for rent.

Tungsten Lighting


Arri 150w Fresnel $ 15.00
Arri 300w Fresnel $ 20.00
Mole 300w Betweenie $ 20.00
Arri 650w Fresnel $ 25.00
Mole 650w Tweenie $ 25.00
Arri 1000w Fresnel $ 30.00
Mole 1000w Baby $ 30.00
Mole 2000w Baby Junior $ 35.00
Bardwell 2000w Junior $ 35.00

HMI Lighting


Arrisun 12 1200w PAR $ 150.00
Arri M18 1800w PAR $ 200.00


Arri 575w Fresnel $ 105.00
Arri 1200w Fresnel $ 125.00


Litepanel Astra 1x1 Bi-Color 4x with Angler Collapsible Softbox and Grid $ 35.00
Litepanel Astra 1x1 Bi-Color Soft $ 35.00
Litepanel Gemini 2x1 Bi-Color Soft with Softbox $ 150.00
Apature LS 300x Bi-Color Kit with Fresnel adapter $ 50.00
Quasar Q - LED - X - Crossfade Linear LED Lamps - 2’ $ 18.00
Quasar Q - LED - X - Crossfade Linear LED Lamps - 4’ $ 20.00
Kino Flo 2’ four bank LED BiColor w/Quasar Tubes $ 75.00
Kino Flo 4’ two bank LED BiColor w/Quasar Tubes $ 45.00
Apature B7c bulb $ 5.00
ikan ILED120 Daylight Flood $ 20.00

Lighting Accessories

Softbox & Snapgrids

Chimera 1'x1' for Astra with 40 degree Snapgrid $ 10.00
Chimera Video Pro XXS (12"x16") w/Ring $ 20.00
Chimera Video Pro XS (16"x22") w/Ring $ 25.00
Chimera Video Pro Plus Small (24"x32") w/Ring $ 30.00
Chimera Video Pro Medium (36"x48") w/Ring $ 35.00
Chimera Daylite JR Small (24"x32") w/Ring $ 40.00
Chimera Small 40 degree EggCrate Fabric Grid $ 25.00
DOP Choice Snapbag Softbox for Gemini 2x1 $ 30.00
DOP Choice 40 degree Snapgrid for Gemini 2x1 Snapbag   $ 25.00
Litepannels 60 degree Honeycomb $ 25.00